“Unleashing the Style Secrets of Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s ‘The Addams Family’ Series”

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The Addams Family, a beloved American comic strip and TV series from the 1960s, has recently made a comeback on Netflix with an animated series. The show follows the eccentric and spooky Addams family as they navigate the challenges of modern life while staying true to their macabre values. One of the standout characters in the series is Wednesday Addams, the intelligent and independent daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. Wednesday’s style has always been a major part of her character, and the Netflix series is no exception.

Murder(s), mysteries, and an ancestral bloodline wrapped up in centuries of own circle of relatives trauma (relatable), it is a helluva top time! Not to mention, the collection even broke data for the range of hours human beings watched the display in an unmarried week. Clearly, the binge-worth display is incredible—however so are the costumes, my friend. And we are right here with a way to recreate Wednesday’s clothes for ya. Can I get a *snap snap*?

Wednesday’s Classic Look:

In the original comic strip and TV series, Wednesday was known for her somber and serious attitude, as well as her distinctive style. She always wore a simple, black, knee-length dress with a white collar and cuffs, paired with black Mary Jane shoes. Her long, dark hair was often styled in braids or pigtails. This iconic look has been carried over to the Netflix series, with a few modern updates.

Throughout the show, we examine plenty approximately this model of Wednesday Addams’s sartorial choices. She has a penchant for black monochrome looks, even though duo chrome nonetheless has an area in her cloth cabinet with whites and grays. Unlike mother Morticia, who’s in no way visible without her vampy lip and Shaun Leane spiky earrings, Wednesday continues her make-up and add-ons to a minimum, final trustworthy to her lengthy pigtail braids and black satchel-fashion backpack (which additionally doubles as Thing’s humble abode) for the maximum part. Her shoes du jour have a tendency to desire stompers, and he or she loves to combine luxurious and high-avenue fashion.

Wednesday’s Updated Outfits:

Wednesday’s outfit in the series remains the same as in the original – a black dress with a white collar and cuffs, paired with black shoes. However, the dress has been given a more modern and fitted silhouette, with a slightly shorter hemline. The white collar and cuffs have also been given a more contemporary look, with a more pointed shape. Wednesday’s hair is also styled differently, with her pigtails now being braided and adorned with black ribbons.

Of course, they needed to do the enduring Wednesday Addams uniform—however with a 2022 upgrade. In the brand-new series, the classic, Peter Pan collar get-dressed was given a refresh with polka-dot florals. And honestly, you can break out by carrying it at some point or maximum instances of the year. Wear it bare-legged with strappy heels at some point in the summertime season or with tights and tall boots at some point in the winter. Let’s additionally now no longer neglect the pigtail braids and darkish nail polish!

Puffer vest with a black tee.

The manner she will make an easy long-sleeve tee, turtleneck, and puffer vest appearance so fab at the same time as super-sleuthin’ is past me. Thankfully though, that is a chunk of cake to DIY. I would not also be amazed in case you had those fundamental 3 objects in your closet already! So in case you did not reflect on considering sporting most of these collectively or in case you nevertheless need ’em to your life, take this as your signal to make this entire state of affairs happen. Pair it with denim bottoms, trousers, or maybe sweats and you may be #serving regardless.

Okay, yes, I understand this isn’t always technically Wednesday. But it’s far Jenna because the maximum bad-ass ancestral ghost we have got visible in a while, Goody Addams. The point is, this old-timey, er, gown, is definitely gorgeous. Sorry, I could not locate a specific dupe, however, sense loss to peep the grey corset and get dressed under it truly is a quite tremendous 21st-century alternative. And if you’ll as an alternative have a shirt model of it, I gotcha too. Pro tip: Amp up the ghostly vibes with a few shimmery blue makeups.

Wednesday’s Additional Ensembles:

In addition to her basic outfit, Wednesday also has several other stylish ensembles throughout the series. For example, she is often seen wearing a black jumpsuit with white cuffs and a collar, giving her a more modern and edgy look. She also wears a black and white striped dress with a full skirt, which adds a touch of playfulness to her otherwise serious style. Another notable look is a black and white polka dot dress, which gives her a more feminine and flirty look.

Comfy can maximum genuinely nevertheless be cute, and Wednesday genuinely proved it on this episode together with her layered zip-up hoodies. The first-rate component is you likely already personal a few (if now no longer all) of those pieces. But in case you don’t, no worries. Just peep the almost same outsized hoodies and striped sweaters we determined on Amazon, below. Complete the laid-again appearance with a few flared leggings and platform fight boots for a present-day tackle of W.A.’s appearance. (She’s additionally completely influencing me into layering jackets… Anyone else?)

Wednesday’s Accessories:

Wednesday’s accessories are also noteworthy. She often carries a black satchel purse, which adds a touch of sophistication to her look. She also wears a variety of necklaces, including a black choker and a white pearl necklace, which adds a touch of elegance to her outfits. Her black Mary Jane shoes have been replaced by more modern and edgy shoes like black ankle boots.

I suppose I can communicate for all people after I say that our jaws dropped and stayed at the ground whilst Wednesday got here down the staircase on this lovely frock. The tulle! The sheer! The poof. Recreate this ~quirky elegance~ to your subsequent fancy shindig with this spot-on dupe that I located for much less than $100. And in case you really need to emulate her no-fucks-given essence, do the enduring dance. IYKYK.


The Addams Family series on Netflix is a great example of how a classic character can be updated and adapted for modern audiences while still staying true to their original style. Wednesday’s outfits are a perfect example of this, as they retain the classic elements of her original look while incorporating modern updates that make her style more relevant for today’s audience. In conclusion, Wednesday Addams’s outfits in the Netflix series The Addams Family are a perfect example of how to update a classic look while still staying true to the character’s original style. Her somber and serious attitude is reflected in her simple, black, and white outfits, but with a modern and edgy twist. And that’s what makes Wednesday Addams’s style so iconic and timeless.

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