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Arkham Knight Red Hood Verse and The Comic Verse!

Arkham Knight Red Hood Verse and The Comic Verse!

DC And Its Twisty Twists!

From the enormous DC character’s list Red Hood or Jason Todd is the most praised and liked character of the franchise, he may be the least favorite Robin but he’s gonna make every pay for it as the Red Hood. Did you know there were two Red Hoods, neither one possessed super powers but was highly trained in hand to hand combat and caused some serious trouble to Batman. As in the comic books the reimagining of a character is not an unknown thing but what makes the knowing of this particular character is both of them are one but aren’t one character, might sound a bit complexed, well you can confirm it by any comic nerd or the hardcore gamers as he played an important role and with a new version that called Batman Knight Red Hood Jacket with Vest

“You always told me, Bruce… focus on what I want to achieve and it’ll happen. Well you want to know what I want now? Huh? I want you dead.”

Jason Todd

If you are really invested in knowing about the two versions of Todd have a look of yourself, the first one is in the Detective Comics #168 (February 1951). And the reimagined version appeared in Batman Annual #25 (April 2006). Now if you want an article about explaining the entire thing that went down, well it’s going to be a long long one but to encourage you to read it yourself lemme tell you a thing, Joker wore the Red Hood costume for like three comics straight. If this thing can’t make you pick up some comics then the comics aren’t really for you. 

Beside the Comics 

If you are a real DC follower then you would know that they aren’t stuck with just the Movies and Comics. They have invested a lot, to let their fans see their beloved characters in action and even control them. The Animation series of the DC Universe helped the franchise followers to understand the story even better than the comics. If we talk about Jason’s appearances in the series, the previously mentioned comics are the source on which the series is made upon. All the installments of the animated series are worth every second of screen time if you really wanna watch some great stuff comics related. 

There are a lot of things that makes this entire franchise DC an underrated one, underrated one in a sense, it has the potential to be the ruling franchise of every filming industry chart, but unfortunately the portrayal we have seen so far, doesn’t justify the realistically dark vibes of the franchise. 

The Game For the Gaming Community!

If there is any Sci-Fi genre in Hollywood that has given a thing for everyone — The comics for the reader, animation series for the kids (well, not really) and games for the gaming community and 7,000+ costumes for them . Due to this DC is the only franchise that is truly for everyone. The gaming line squeals have all the things that are considered as awesome among the gamers. The selection of the story line from the comics caused a lot of the gamers to pick up some of the comics of the featured series. Every gamer and the comic nerds were amazed after seeing Jason in the game as it was the first time he’s been in any other genre besides the comics and animated series.  

The rebalance of Jason with Robin and the Batman himself makes him even better as all of them rely on the fancy gadgets and their huge biceps and forearms which at point is honestly a good thing because in the Scifi genre we all are kinda bored with the high tech laser and plasma guns (but not really) and their combat styles plays a major role in balancing the screen density. “You aren’t alone with the fancy gadgets” — Jason Todd.

All the different versions of the Todd didn’t cause any harm or bland the character’s fame but instead it just made many non readers pick up some of the comics as his story is hell of a curious one. Not just his storyline but the evolution of the Red Hood is a lot to soak it all in. If there is any Games Jacket which has become a brand of its very own is the one from the game; Batman: Arkham Knight. The amazing thing about this evolution of his attire all the cosplayers got a number of costumes from just one character but one in particular took the cosplayers by storm, Arkham Knight Jacket is a hell of an outfit to go for the next cosplay convention or even you can absolutely make it a part of your wardrobe if you really that invested. And hey, not to forget its a red, white and Black Leather Jacket, it can never go wrong you amongst all should know that.

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